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Sustainability & Affordability

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Our fundamental offering has been developed with sustainability and affordability in mind across the lifecycle. The sustainability hierarchy of reduce, reuse and recycle will be deployed across our entire manufacturing and delivery systems to minimise our environmental impact.

Additionally, our unique structural design and technology portfolio have been developed for greatly-enhanced energy efficiency throughout the operation and maintenance of our homes.

With our unique system, we will provide enormous savings on initial construction, operation and maintenance to our customers to reduce costs and encourage rapid adoption.

Construction Deal Targets 

Construction Deal Targets

Our ground-breaking developments and supply structure enable us to easily surpass all of the following domestic and international construction sustainability and affordability targets.


In cost of construction and lifetime costs.


In inception time to completed build.


In greenhouse gas emissions in the built environment.


In the trade gap between total imports & exports.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Wider Problems We Approach

Wider Problems We Approach

Humanity is currently facing three urgent crises; climate change, with unprecedented ecological and environmental destruction; a tragic housing crisis which is damaging the fabric of society; vast amounts of plastic waste which are harming the earth’s ecosystems.


Construction (11%), maintenance and operation (28%) of the built environment contribute 39% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Deforestation, mining and quarrying to provide the raw materials are continuing to wreak havoc on our wildlife habitats.

Inefficient conventional systems, coupled with explosive population growth, have caused a prolonged under-supply of suitable and efficient housing to the markets. This has created a dramatic divergence in affordability and has exacerbated inequality.

Plastic Bag in Ocean

Over 8 billion tonnes of plastic have been produced to date, yet only 9% of this material has been recycled. The rest has either been sent for landfill, incinerated or has entered our precious oceans, causing terrible environmental and ecological damage.

Plastic Bottles

Vector Homes have developed a super-sustainable smart solution to tackle these three grand challenges simultaneously, and provide the foundation for a brighter and eco-friendly future.

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