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About Us

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To cut cost, complexity and carbon construction.


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To become a globally recognised brand in affordable and sustainable homes.


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To optimise manufacturing, processes and sustainability across the entire life cycle.


What we do differently

Our non-volumetric flat pack housing systems have been designed around the sustainability hierarchy (rethink, reduce, reuse and recycle) and circular economy principles. All of the components of the house have been standardised to facilitate rapid production, assembly and re-use. The incorporation of graphene into the recycled materials significantly improves key properties, improving the operational efficiency and further recyclability.

The results are..

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-60 % in build time

Solar Panels in Mountains

-80 % in carbon

What Makes Us Special

-25 % in cost

Meet The Team

Meet The Team


Nathan Feddy

Co-Founder & CEO

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Dr. Liam Britnell
Co-Founder & CTO

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Jonas Singer
Co-Founder & COO

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Dr. Vicente Orts

Senior Scientist

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Tiago Luxton
Senior Architect

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Dr. Xiaomeng Zhang 
Senior Scientist

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Andrew Connolly
Materials Engineer

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If you want to join the Vector Homes team send us your application information to

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