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IUK Smart Grant - Material Design

Vector Homes won an Innovate UK Smart Grant worth  £270,000 in 2021 to fund an innovation project aimed at reducing the embodied carbon of residential construction through a new approach to materials design. We are working in partnership with significant supply chain partners including Primex Plastics


Nick Sanders Kickstarter Award

We have won a £2,000 cash prize for our innovative and sustainable business idea and the further validation of it in 2020.


Finalists at the Eli Harari Award

We have been finalist at the Eli and Britt Harari Graphene Enterprise Award 2022 which had a focus on sustainability in this years competition.

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Flying Starter Award

We have won a further £2,000 to further validate and test your assumptions of the market and begin the development of our business and products in 2021.

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