The Vector Homes structural design is facilitated for easy technology integration. Our portfolio is geared towards two key areas; improving efficiency and interactive functionality.


Every Vector Homes structure will be delivered with a versatile computer processing system to provide sensory and operational capabilities to all of the features of our smart homes. 


Our core offering will include efficiency management systems, and we will develop new technologies moving forward to improve the performance and interactivity of our homes.


Nanomaterial Enhancements

We’re at the inflection point for 2D materials entering mass markets. We have a team of experienced researchers in composite materials, printed electronics and materials engineering. We have been working for over a decade to develop the skills needed to bring this technology to market.


2D materials are among the strongest, most conductive materials known to man and exhibit unique properties.


We use these materials to turn a house into a smart device to allow you to benefit from state-of-the-art technologies. This includes seamless low profile control of lighting and heating, distributed temperature monitoring for fire safety and energy efficiency, thermal energy recovery, high capacity energy storage and high-end solar cells.


Sustainable Materials

Conventional construction has a huge environmental impact. Our vision is to allow houses to be built with a net positive benefit to our world. We do this by using materials which are headed for landfill, or worse to the ocean and revitalising them by addition of advanced material additives.


This enables us to make them strong, impact resistance, fire resistant sound proof, and thermally insulating. We ensure that our buildings are environmentally beneficial by completing cradle-to-cradle life cycle analysis for our structures under ISO 14040. With the truly modular design of our homes, we follow the principles of the circular economy and all of our components are reusable and recyclable.


Full Versatility

At the heart of Vector Homes, we are building a platform to make any style and design of home available to our customers. Our components are fully modular and extensions and rooms can be added after the build date with minimal impact on you.

Unique structural feature have been incorporated to facilitate the integration of a variety of future technologies to improve the energy efficiency and functional interactivity of our housing solutions.