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Vector Homes wins first two Awards

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

First successes of many to come...

A quick update on our progress! We’re proud to announce that we’ve won our first awards as a company with a double win securing both a Nick Sanders Kickstarter Award and a Flying Starter Award from the Masood Entrepreneurship Centre, the focal point for enterprise and entrepreneurship at the University of Manchester. These awards are aimed at helping entrepreneurs to explore and validate early stage start-up business ideas.

We’re proud of our relationship with the University, being a mixture of alumni and current staff. It’s a relationship we’ll be growing more as we develop and will be running research programs on various fronts: from material design to manufacturing and innovative design concepts.

The awards will give Vector Homes the opportunity to continue market validation and ensure market product fit. We’ll be making more announcements over the coming weeks about how we intend to use the prizes but we can say for sure that it’ll be focused on developing parts of our homes which will allow us to deepen our engagements and conversations with various stakeholders and decision-makers in construction, housing associations and government bodies.

We’ve come out of the blocks in 2021, well energised and raring to go. Our job over the next few weeks is to focus on speaking to as many upstream and downstream companies as we can. We’ve made some really good connections in recent weeks with potential customers, both large and small.

In other news, we’ll be demoing a new video in the coming weeks which will give you a view inside the Vector Homes structure and a feeling for what will be under the hood. The shots here are a sneak preview from the work in progress and we’ll be posting the final cut across our social media channels soon. We’re also expecting some coverage in the Nixene Journal after a wide-ranging and interesting interview with Adrian and Debbie from Nixene Publishing where we discussed the advantages that additives such as graphene can bring to the world of construction, as well as strategies to overcome some of the challenges at hand.

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