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Vector Homes: Magnitude and Direction

A brief introduction...

Welcome to Vector Homes. We’re going to use our first few posts as an opportunity to speak to the outside world and introduce our team and tell you a bit about our mission to revolutionise house building in the UK and beyond.

We’re the founding team Nathan, Liam, Jonas and Sholom and we’re single-minded about using technology and advanced manufacturing to bring about benefits to communities and the environment.

Vectors Homes completely rethinks how we build houses, how we support modern lifestyles and how we manage communities in innovative and sustainable ways.

We’ve been working on the ideas, designs and technology behind Vector Homes for some time but in the last couple of months we’ve been busy bringing these together and we’re now happy to be in a position to tell you about our plans.

The Vector Homes mission is to supply houses that meet the UK government's targets making new housing 33% lower cost and 50% quicker to build, in a carbon-negative way. In order to have a meaningful difference in the housing industry’s carbon impact we must focus on the following three areas:

1. High-throughput manufacturing techniques using sustainable materials.

2. Intelligent design which the building components reusable and recyclable

3. Introduce full digitisation of housing and best-in-class technologies for maintaining carbon neutral impacts.

Buildings are responsible for 39% of global carbon emissions [] and importantly it’s the embodied carbon, the CO2 emitted during transportation, construction and end of life which is responsible for 11% of all carbon emissions. It’s critical that the construction industry reexamines the materials its uses and the processes it uses to manufacture them to find the most sustainable solution. The concept of the circular economy is central to our ethos. Rethink. Reduce. Reuse. Refurbish. Repair. Recycle.

Rethink: Vectors Homes is making a complete redesign of the way we build and interact with the homes we live in. We’ve gone back to basics and rethought what construction means and how we make components. This is where the benefits stem from.

Reduce: Our design allows us to take 55 tons out of the average house. This means lower manufacturing impact, lower transportation impact and lower construction impact on CO2 emissions.

Refurbish and reuse: Our homes can be assembled and disassembled making reuse of a viable option. It also allows for simple extensions as a family grows or the homes change hands.

Repair: All of our components are ID stamped and we have sensor networks placed throughout our homes so we can predict issues in real-time and schedule preventative maintenance. We have designed the services in our buildings to be readily accessible and so can be maintained and upgraded with ease.

Recycle: Our components are made from fully recycled materials meaning less plastic will enter landfills and oceans. But at the end of life, we know that simple separation of materials is needed for effective recycling, our buildings can be safely dismantled and the components recycled to be used in new homes.

We’re excited to bring you more details on our plans and designs in the coming months.

Liam and Jonas


About the Authors

Hi, I’m Liam and I’ve been passionate about developing new technologies my whole working life. I’ve spent years working in start-ups and research institutes, engineering ways to improve on the energy performance of things we use every day such as light bulbs, computers and heating systems. We’ll be using Vector Homes as a platform to support best-in-class technologies so you can make a conscious choice to live a sustainable lifestyle without sacrificing convenience.

Hi, I'm Jonas and ever since I can remember, I was a curious kid who didn't have anything else in mind other than questioning existing systems/solutions, and creating and designing my own. Since I'm always looking for new challenges, it was clear to me that I had to do climb the lather, so I started my dual study in Business Administration & Engineering. At the same time I consulted in areas of process management, quality management, sales, marketing and e-commerce in various locations all over the globe including China, USA, UK and Germany where I grew up. This global experience and my additional MSc in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship at the Alliance Manchester Business School in combination with my loaded interests in finance, real estate, sustainability and business, honed my skills and knowledge to help change the world with Vector Homes.

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