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Our Aim - Real Impact

A brief introduction, part 2...

Hello Vectorites,

Humanity is in a race against time (and itself), we have a multitude of serious issues we need to resolve, pronto. Vector Homes will utilise nanotechnology thinking alongside advanced manufacturing processing to make an impact on three major issues: the global undersupply of housing, outdated and overpriced housing structures and unsustainable construction materials and systems. We have addressed these problems by holistically designing our structures, production processes and delivery models to substantially reduce costs and fully embrace the sustainability hierarchy.

Rethink, Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

By deploying abundant recycled materials and standardised components suitable for high throughput production, we will produce our affordable homes at speed and scale whilst driving down housing costs for everyone. We are committed to ensuring that our product is delivered to those that need it. Our primary goal will be to significantly streamline the adoption process of our homes for housing associations that plug a vital gap in the sector.

Addressing the issue of high carbon emissions being created from the housing sector is no longer a nice-to-have pipe dream, it is a must. The world is literally burning.

Sustainability has quickly become top of the global housing agenda as demonstrated with the introduction of significant governmental interventions to reduce the carbon footprint being produced from the construction of housing using historic processes and materials.

There are sensational sustainability benefits of the Vector Homes offering including; significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions in production and assembly, and the fact that there will virtually no ecological damage in terms of the deforestation, mining, and quarrying processes that are required for almost all other types of housing on the market.

The same methods of construction have been used for decades and are outdated. These methods need to be improved upon and we are committed to making these improvements. especially to enhance the integration of technologies into all aspects of housing.

Unique features have been included in our design to enable the rapid incorporation of future efficiency saving technologies to reduce emissions and improve performance throughout the entire lifecycle. We all spend over 60% of our time in our homes, by developing and sourcing functional technologies Vector will constantly improve the interaction between the lucky inhabitants and our homes.


About the Authors

Hi, I’m Nathan (right) and I am the CEO and co-founder of Vector Homes. My academic and professional background has been greatly geared towards the sciences and engineering, with a more recent focus on commercial nanotechnology development. In the nanomaterials sector, we aim to use materials such as Graphene to make multi-faceted improvements to systems simultaneously, and we can be pretty damn good at it. From a very young age my passion has been to try and improve global quality of life, this is what birthed the brainchild that is Vector Homes (I also became a real daddy very recently).

Hi, I’m Sholom (left) and I am the CCO and co-founder of Vector Homes. I have always found Real Estate extremely exciting, with Monopoly a common feature of my childhood. I’ve been working in consultancy for a number of years and since completing the Master’s programme in Finance at Cass Business School, have developed an even deeper understanding of the sector. I am offered an additional perspective through my involvement as part of the British Property Federation, where I sit on the Regional Policy Committee. Innovation is desired in the housing sector and I am proud to be a part of Vector Homes where we will be improving efficiencies and technologies.


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