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Join us at our MVP Houswarming

September 22. @ Salford Energy House 2.0

About Us

We are a CleanTech startup which provides Cradle-To-Cradle, sustainable, modular and affordable smart homes from recycled materials.

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Issues We Solve

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We Are


Global undersupply of housing

Delivery of houses is slow and demand can not be met with current building methods.

Complex supply chains and difficult assembly techniques create bottlenecks.

Outdated overpriced offerings

Materials and structures are not facilitated for technology integration.

Current systems are producing low quality and unaffordable options.

Unsustainable materials and systems

39% of global greenhouse emissions are due to construction and operation of buildings.

Conventional materials require deforestation, quarrying and mining.


Experience You Can Trust


Nanomaterial Enhancements

Our engineers are working at the cutting edge of research and development to produce technologies optimised for sustainability, safety and functionality!


Sustainable Materials

Endless Versatility

We repurpose landfill, incineration and ocean-bound plastics and transform them into the unique components of our fantastic homes!

Our buildings are designed with modification and maintenance in mind. When you are ready to upgrade, so are we!


People are the centre of everything we do. Every step we take is to create a better, happier, longer and more sustainable life for our customers and their families.

Green Roofs

Sustainability & Innovation

The use of newest technologies and science empowers us to real radical and disruptive innovation. Therefore, it is a key principle of Vector Homes to use innovation to create unparalleled sustainability and ensure the protection of our unique environment.


In order to ensure that our houses are accessible for everyone, affordability is another key component of our business. We want everyone, no matter their income, to be able to own a home for themselves and their families.

Collecting Money
Construction Manager

Design & Quality

Our entirely novel design and material use does not only empower us to produce faster and more sustainably than any traditional building method, it also enables us to consistently automate our production and guarantee uncompromisingly high quality standards.

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